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                                            March 14, 2018

WARNING:  It's a Circus in Here              

Article by Well and Strong with MS

Happy birthday to our Chloe who is 2 today!

We celebrated this past weekend with a CIRCUS at the Shapiro Ballroom. From the games to the décor to the party attendees, everything was so much FUN! Check out the amazing photos.

You guys know how much I love to throw a party and what better reason to celebrate than our baby girl turning TWO! I wanted to do something really fun and unexpected – incorporating games and activities for toddlers while also making it enjoyable for our friends and family. It was the perfect combination of both!

After hosting Chloe’s 1st birthday at our house which ended in a total mess, I knew I wanted to rent out a space this year that was bright, open and interesting (and would fit the 60+ people on our list!). The Shapiro Ballroom is all of that and more – it’s truly a gorgeous venue that’s used as a dance studio during the day but as an event venue at night and on weekends. The exposed brick walls, gorgeous wood floors and chandelier centerpiece make this studio truly spectacular. It was love at first sight! When I first stepped in, I immediately envisioned the circus drapery coming from the center light, and with the help of Frost, we were able to achieve the look perfectly.

The owner of The Shapiro Ballroom, Dee McCord, was so easy to work and helpful throughout our planning process. From mapping out our event layout with their easy-to-use online system to facilitating the serving staff and day-of set-up to even ordering our bouncy house, she made the process a breeze. I can’t recommend The Shapiro Ballroom enough to anyone looking to host anything from a wedding to a baby shower to yes, a birthday party!


                                            February 26, 2018



Entertainment & Games

Since most of the children attending were Chloe’s age, I wanted to have entertainers toddlers could enjoy like a ballroom artist and face painter.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Page Deulin Face Painting – the photos below speak for themselves. She elevates face painting to a whole new level! She was wonderful with all of the kiddos in addition to being so talented, and even dressed up for the part! Our balloon artist, Neli ([email protected]) is truly an artist in her own right too, creating the amazing ballroom displays for the party and then creating animal balloons for the children. Read more...



                                            February 26, 2018



Article by Molly Hebda - http://motioninspired.com


When you are a small business you truly are the face of your brand. People want to work with you and your company because they feel a connection to you as you portray yourself online and in person. I love helping others show as much of their personality in photos as possible.


I was elated to work with Page Deulin of Page Deulin Face Painting this Fall for some of her marketing images and headshots. She is a personality that I want to work with ALL of the time.

Page is truly a talented artist and so wonderful to work with. She has a calm yet playful personality. She is sweet and patient with children and their parents. Being a mom of young twin boys helps with her ability to relate to the children in her chair and their busy parents running their parties or events.

Her work is very detailed and so unique. I have watched her come up with pretty and simple designs then marveled at the intricate works of art she has been dishing out on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.


For Page’s headshots, I loved that she showed up in full makeup! We went outside, because it was a gorgeous day, and took advantage of the natural light of the morning. Plus, the amazing murals and architecture we have in downtown Lemont added another element of creativity to our shoot. We, of course, took some A la her natural, beautiful self. 


                                            February 26, 2018




When capturing Page in her element of actually face painting, I wanted to make sure we caught her applying makeup, her variety of products and also the joy the kids had after they had been transformed. Their smiles were contagious and their laughter was so energizing.

Enjoy going through some of Page’s creations and the adorable models we had for the afternoon.

Follow Page Deulin Facepainting on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and her WEBSITE. Keep her in mind for your next party or event.

I know I cannot wait to work with her on our next project and continue to watch her incredible talent soar even more!



                                            October 17, 2017

Meet Page from Page Deulin Face Painting                     ​

Today we’d like to introduce you to Page Deulin.

Page, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

At my sons’ school carnival in March of this year, I found myself completely engaged with what was happening at the face painting table. One of the face painters, while waiting for a “customer”, was playing with her paints. She swirled her brush along her arm, creating texture and nuance, she blended one vibrant color after another into a beautiful landscape. She was an artist. This simple act was so mesmerizing that I was overcome with a desire to try this for myself!

Make up is not something new to me. I received a BFA in Musical Theatre from Roosevelt University and in my studies we covered the theory and application of theatrical make up. The magic of make-up helped me to morph into the creatures and villains I played. I’ve aged my skin to become a woman in her 90’s, and I’ve molded prosthetics in order to disappear into the character. I have spent years mastering the art of transformation but it wasn’t until this moment in line for my child to be face painted that it occurred to me that I could bring this magic to other people.

By the end of March, I had my first professional face painting kit and by April, I had a full business. In such a short time, with the help of the wonderfully generous international face and body art community, online techniques, and the fierce force that is “mommy word of mouth”, my little business has taken off and I have been booked every weekend since.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?

Since the beginning of this new adventure, my business struggles have been relatively small in comparison to the personal struggles I’ve faced in balancing a new business with family life. I’ve been forming relationships with other moms in business and while most business owners have their share of heart break and heart burn, the one thing other Mom entrepreneurs feel across the board is the struggle with maintaining balance. There is a tugging feeling from both sides; the fear as a business owner that you will miss out on a great opportunity is paralleled with the fear that your children will grow up and you will have missed it. My business loves it when I’m attached to my phone; I am ever present, making connections, responding to emails, strategizing my next move but the children are equally content and happy when I put it down and engage with them.

And the struggle doesn’t end with balancing business and children; what about being a wife, a family member and a friend? How can stop worrying that I’m not doing enough in one area or another? The answers have been showing up in my daily mediation. When I make it a priority to begin my day with this simple practice, I am reminded that I can only address what is right in front of me, one minute at a time. Being in the moment helps me to build the boundaries that I’m needing to protect all that I’m trying to achieve. I map out in the morning what I need to do and the best time to do it so that when I’m face to face with a toothless, peanut butter smeared grin from my five-year-old, I can feel good about transitioning from one role to another.

The experience of this time with my young children will be gone as quickly as they came into my life. I have to build a boundary around that, to protect it. Likewise, I want to protect the investment I’ve made in this company. When it is time for the children to play independently, I put a boundary around my business. I make my phone calls free of distraction and build my day to fit the things that need the most concentration during school hours. Having a plan gives me the direction I need to fit it all in. Is it always perfect? Does everything and everybody cooperate with my plan? (Insert laughter here). No, but it certainly gives a framework to help me prioritize. And coffee helps too.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Page Deulin Face Painting story. Tell us more about the business.

The goal of my business is to offer something more than traditional face paint. Whether it’s turning a sweet little face into a fantasy rainbow kitty, painting a beautiful pregnant belly or giving someone the thrill of becoming their favorite superhero, I offer my clients and their guests an experience that transforms them. With face paint I get to bring the magic of illusion and make believe to the communities I serve.

I travel all over the Chicagoland area bringing with me the highest quality paints, glitters and gems. I make my own custom gem clusters that I add to butterflies, princess crowns and sugar skulls. And I have some fun add-on services as well, like glitter tattoos, traditional and faux henna, and hair chalk. I would love to add airbrushing in the coming year.

The types of events that offer face painting are limitless. Of course, there is always the beloved birthday party. I get to spend more relaxed time in an intimate setting really making the birthday girl or boy feel special but there are also times when I’m asked to service large groups of people with “fast faces” for community events. I paint people young and old for block parties, festivals, sporting events, weddings, farmers markets, Christenings, back to school carnivals, church fundraisers, you name it! Companies will hire me to offer face painting for their family fun days, sidewalk sales, promotional days and community engagement events; they offer a free service to the public while getting the opportunity to speak to prospective clients waiting for their children to be painted.

Face and body art can also heal. I’ve helped the American Red Cross raise money for cancer research in the Walk for Life. Body art is a calming experience and can be restorative as well; painting a beautiful piece of art in place of hair to a child or adult suffering from medically induced hair loss or alopecia can lift a person’s spirits and help them to feel good.

As my business continues to grow I am constantly on the look for new and exciting ways to engage the public with the joy and passion I feel for face and body art.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?

I still need to pinch myself because I cannot believe this is the direction my life has taken me. Luck has woven itself all throughout this experience so far. I have been given exactly what I’ve needed at the right time. Luck has come in the form of business relationships with perfect timing, being in the right place at the right time, or making a plan for a new design direction that wows the kids and their families.

There was a famous poet that once said that genius was not something that belonged to anyone of us, it was something that was borrowed. I feel this way about luck. I am borrowing good fortune at the moment and although I am braced for a time when I can no longer keep it, I am grateful it is here for now.

Contact Info:

Website: www.pagedeulin.com

Phone: 773-704-9811

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pagedeulinfacepainting

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pagedeulinfacepainting

Twitter: www.twitter.com/pdfacepainting

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