Frequently asked questions

"A genuine smile is the most embellished make-up" -Anonymous


What do you charge per hour? 

Prices are determined by the type event you are hosting. I take into consideration several factors before building a quote: how many do you anticipate participating in the face painting, the age range of your guests, your location, is there a time frame in which I need to be finished; i.e.. are you having other entertainments planned?

Can you do custom designs? 

Yes, please! I can customize my designs to match any theme or logo you have. I truly enjoy collaborating with event planners in creating designs that highlight the essence of their big day.

My child has sensory issues. Is there a way we could offer something small on his hand instead of a full face mask? 

My background is in counseling psychology which puts me in a unique position of understanding child development and those with special needs. Many children find the feeling of wet paint to be discomforting. Often times “fear of the unknown” can be alleviated by the child being able to see the process on their arm, hand or leg. This gives them a sense of control eases them into the process in a slow and careful way. But if at any time, any child wishes to leave the area or remove the paint I am in 100% support of the child and I have makeup remover clothes with me at all times. In my view, the child determines what he will and will not tolerate and I am there simply there as a guide to introduce them face and body paint if allowed.

Will you paint for free at a charity event? 

I do thoroughly enjoy providing my services for good causes and do so as much as I am able to. However, please know that I do get many requests for this, and being a small business, I can only afford to do so many charity related events per year. You are welcome to contact me and find out if I am available and able to provide you with free or a discounted service!

What kind of paints do you use? 

I only use top quality professional paints and cosmetic glitters that are FDA compliant, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. I have access to MSDS lists to all of my paints if ingredients are a concern. Please make your request well in advance of your party. Thank you!

How do I book you for my event? 

There are three ways to get in touch with me [email protected], filling out the inquiry form, or call 773-704-9811. I will check my availability for your date and time. Please have ready a rough idea of how many faces you anticipate wanting to be painted, the age range of the guests, your location and if there are other entertainments planned. This way I can ensure there is enough time for everyone who wants to be involved. Once we settle on a date, time and location, I will provide you with a link to your Client Information Page. There you can sign your contract and pay your 50% non-refundable deposit. Only a deposit can secure your date and time. This is in consideration of not pursuing other engagements for that time slot. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, you are all set!

Do I need to provide you with anything on the 

day of the event?   

There are only two things I require for every event and that is adequate shelter from the elements and adequate lighting. (I can provide both if need be, please let me know in advance) Otherwise, I come with everything I need to paint your guests so that there is no extra set up or clean for you!

I’m also looking for a balloon twister. 

Do you know anybody? 

I sure do! I can recommend henna artists, balloon twisters and decor, caricaturists and costumed characters. You can book them through me too…just let me know!

Are you licensed and insured? 

Yes-sir-ee-bob! My business is licensed by the State of Illinois and I am fully insured. Proof of both can be obtained with notice. Please note that the face and body painting industry is not regulated by any governing body. Therefore it is safest to hire a professional face and body artist with a full business presence such as an LLC or Corporation who is also insured. Professional artists likely take efforts to use best practices in sanitation, use FDA compliant materials and are educated on what to do if an allergic reaction occurs.